Indoor Air Quality and Related Services

  • Moisture surveys of building material
  • Noise Facility sampling and Personal monitoring
  • Asbestos Sampling and removal oversite
  • Lead Abatement Oversite
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Industrial Hygiene Sampling to include (OSHA regulated chemicals & Personal Exposure sampling)
  • Pesticides & PCB bulk material samples
  • By Products of Combustible
  • Allergens (latex, cat, dog, dust mites)

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Asbestos refers to a group of naturally occurring minerals used in building material to resist heat, reduce heat loss, increase heat delivery, resist chemicals, and corrosion. Breathing asbestos fibers can cause serious diseases (cancers and non-cancerous disease) of the lungs and other organs. Unfortunately, the damage may not appear until 20 – 40 years after the exposure has occurred.

Asbestos fibers associated with these health risks are normally at a size too small to be seen with the naked eye. If your house was built before 1980 it could very well contain asbestos containing building materials IAQS has two (2) licensed asbestos inspectors on staff, please contact us if you suspect asbestos for an inspection to be scheduled, and discuss pricing.


Lead is a poison with absolutely no use to the human body. Every year, hundreds of children in Maine are poisoned by lead. Children less than six years old have the greatest risk of lead poisoning, for numerous reasons. In Maine, this type of poisoning typically occurs due to exposure to dust from old lead paint. Friction and Impact surfaces are two of the biggest culprits increasing the chance of becoming poisioned. You as what are these “Impact & Friction surfaces”, well simply, windows sashes and jambs painted with Pb based paint and doors out of square

Lead is most harmful to children six-years-old or younger because of “Normal” Hand-to-Mouth activities, children putting their hands and other objects in to their mouth which may have lead dust on them. Dust that may be so fine that it cannot be seen with the human eye. Health effects of lead in children can include behavioral and learning problems (hyperactivity), ADHD, slowed growth, hearing problems, headaches and damage to the brain and central nervous system. Adults exposed to lead can suffer from reproductive problems, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, muscle and joint pain, memory and concentrationproblems, and nerve disorders.

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and Maine Department of Environmental Protection both requires individuals & companies working in a facility with a child either with elevated blood lead, poisoning, having a documented Inspection or Risk Assessment, be Federally accredited and Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) licensed.

USEPA also requires work for compensation impacting lead be federally accredited and USEPA certified under the Renovation, Repair, and Paint certification. All lead and asbestos certifications IAQS, Inc. provides.