Bruce M. Hackett, Sr.

President / CEO

Director / Primary Training Instructor

Well Bruce has been in this industry for 25 years plus. At first he was a consultant, started his career sampling both air and bulk material samples. Also did numerous field related jobs. In the early 2000’s Bruce Sr. started training asbestos and lead EPA accredited, ME DEP licensed training provider. After 28 years as a Consultant & abatement contractor he is now concentrating on what he as best at. This many years of experience does be reflected by the quality of training and consulting.

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Linda Hackett


Linda has put up with Bruce Sr. for a long time. She has been a invaluable asset to previous companies Bruce has owned, IAQS being his 5th . She organizes all of our classes, spends numerous hours on the phone making sure the training  our clients are asking for is the appropriate class. Linda has done numerous Mold remediation jobs, IAQ testing, and is a EPA accredited, PB super, Inspector, Asbestos supervisor, MEDEP licensed Asbestos Inspector. Behind every good man…….